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Yeonnam Family Season 1 [Korean Drama] in Hindi Dubbed || Complete All Episode | starfilx

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Yeonnamdong Family – Hindi Dubbed (2019). Season 1

Also Known As: Yeonnamdong Family, Yeonnam-dong Family

Genres: Romance

Country: South Korea

Type: Drama

Episodes: 8

Aired: Nov 22, 2019 –Dece 14, 2019

Aired On: Friday, Saturday

Original Network: Olleh TV

Duration: 16 min.

The father of Joo Dong, Joo Nam, and Joo Yeon plans to give all his accumulated fortune back to society, except for the three story house, whose price has skyrocketed. He promises to leave the house to the one who gets married first in 6 months among the siblings. But when their father, Mr. Jeong, makes this unexpected announcement, Joo Dong, Joo Nam, and Joo Yeon who are beyond their best age to get married, start their search for a partner. Joo Yeon, 29, She gets a chance to think about marriage and reflect on her past relationships in this delightful romantic drama. Who has chosen to stay single, starts to also actively look for a partner to inherit the house.

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