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jis tarah se aap chamakate hain (HINDI DUBBED) | STARFILX | complete

The Way You Shine

COUNTRY  k drama
Duration: 70 mint.
QUALITY 480p, 720p
SIZE 300MB, 500MB



if server 1 (gdrive) link not work than use server2 (terabox) or 3




Zhou Xin Xing, often known as Puff Guo, is a young lady with a long history. Her initial union with a dermatologist didn’t work out. She had previously imagined herself and her spouse enjoying a long and happy life together, along with owning a French-style patisserie. However, those hopes are now in ruins. She had to put her aspirations of starting her own store on hold due to a death in the family and subsequent financial struggles. She accepts a position at Les Années Lentes, a dessert shop.She meets Xia Tian Yu (Fandy Fan), the third-generation heir to the Yucheng business empire, at this location. Xia Tian Yu has no plans to take on the role of CEO, despite his family’s wishes. Despite his seeming coldness and lack of empathy, he truly has a warm heart and is suffering as a result of a horrific event from his early years. Additionally, he finds employment at Les Années Lentes. He finally starts to feel something for Zhou Xin Xing. And the two decide to compete in a renowned dessert-making competition. However, Zhou Xin Xing and Xia Tian Yu’s longtime lovers are poised to make their move, and their competitors in love are not far behind! Will society forces take their place, or will this odd couple discover love?





ep 1(terabox)

ep 2(terabox)

ep 3(terabox)

ep 4(terabox)

ep 5(terabox)

ep 6(terabox)

ep 7(terabox)

ep 8(terabox)

ep 9(terabox)

ep 10(terabox)

ep 11(terabox)

ep 12(terabox)

ep 13(terabox)

ep 14(terabox)

ep 15(terabox)

ep 16(terabox)

ep 17(terabox)

ep 18(terabox)

ep 19(terabox)

ep 20(terabox)

ep 21(terabox)

ep 22(terabox)

ep 23(terabox)

ep 24(terabox)

The Way You Shine (HINDI DUBBED) | STARFILX | complete

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