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Beautiful World (hindi dubbed) | Starfilx | Complete |

20230103 214837


COUNTRY  k drama
Duration: 70 mint.
QUALITY 480p, 720p
SIZE 300MB, 500MB


if server 1 (gdrive) link not work than use server2 (terabox) or 3


This drama is about a boy on the edge of life and death, and his family’s quest to find the truth. Amidst the lies and secrets, mistrust and pain, the family looks for hope in this crazy world. Mu Jin, is a teacher and a father. His wife, In Ha, runs ‘Ho Ho Bakery’ and they have a 9th-grade son and an 8th-grade daughter. For the sake of their kids’ education, they move to a different neighborhood. One day, at their new competitive school, Sun Ho gets into an accident, causing him to become brain dead. The father and mother, filled with great guilt and rage because of the accident, investigate to find out what happened to cause the accident. Su Ho, Sun Ho’s baby sister, also sets out on her own to find out the truth behind her brother’s accident.

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Server 1

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episode 1(TERABOX)ep 1(gdrive)

episode 2(TERABOX)ep 2(gdrive)

episode 3(TERABOX)ep 3(gdrive)

episode 4(TERABOX)ep 4(gdrive)

episode 5(TERABOX)ep 5(gdrive)

episode 6(TERABOX)ep 6(gdrive)

episode 7(TERABOX)ep 7(gdrive)

episode 8(TERABOX)ep 8(gdrive)

episode 9(TERABOX)ep 9(gdrive)

episode 10(TERABOX)ep 10(gdrive)

episode 11(TERABOX)ep 11(gdrive)

episode 12(TERABOX)ep 12(gdrive)

episode 13(TERABOX)ep 13(gdrive)

episode 14(TERABOX)ep 14(gdrive)

episode 15(TERABOX)ep 15(gdrive)

episode 16(TERABOX)ep 16(gdrive)

server 2

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